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Humidification in Wine Cellars

misting sa Humidification in Wine Cellars

During the ageing process, wine is stored in barrels for extended periods of time, resulting in evaporation and subsequent loss of volume (up to 14% over a three year period). This leads to a need for "topping up" of the wine and a risk of oxidation due to the dropping level of the wine coming into contact with air (oxygen). Optimum levels of HUMIDITY (95%) cuts the loss through evaporation by more than 50%, yet barrels are kept dry on the outside to prevent the growth of mould and other hydrophilic organisms which may spoil the wine. Our mist dispersion is fine enough to ensure that the barrels doesn’t get wet.


  • Inadequate HUMIDIFICATION in wine cellars can cause notable drop in wine levels
  • Loss of profits
  • Evaporation loss
  • Oxidation occurs due to lower HUMIDITY levels


  • Improves quality and quantity of wine
  • Guarantees lower wine evaporation inside barrels
  • Reduction of topping-up operations
  • Low initial start up and maintenance costs
  • Manage ethanol content of wine
  • Aids in corks remaining moist and airproof